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Joe Chandler
Joe has been in real estate since 1996 and has been with Prudential since April 15, 1998. He has been a top listing and top sales agent many times and is a top producing agent with his company. The reason for his success is his willingness to work hard, his ability to negotiate good deals for his clients, and his desire to have everyone he meets be 100% satisfied with the results he obtains for them.

E-mail Joe at:

Home Phone / Cell: 828-279-4868
V-Mail: 828-681-1149

Secretary of Asheville Board of REALTORS®

Upward Flag Football Coach

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Past President of Asheville Board of REALTORS® Services

Former Upward Soccer Coach

Past Treasurer of Asheville Board of REALTORS® Services

Two Time Past Chairman of the ABRS Media Committee

Three Time Past Chairman of the REXPO Committee

Two Time Past President of the:

Peter & Alicia
Miller Place, NY

"Dear Joe: Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail in the recent sale of our property. Alicia & I appreciate all of your efforts in our behalf. We are pleased that it is now in the hands of individuals who appreciate its beauty and will use it as it was intended." June 2002

John & Wanda
Western North Carolina

Writen to the Owner and the Broker in Charge of Prudential Asheville-Fairview Realty.

"Hello again~ We finally have found the time to send a long overdue letter about the outstanding services provided by your agent, Joe Chandler. In our search for a place to settle down, we viewed properties with over 15 realtors in the Asheville and Roanoke, VA areas. Our final decision to relocate to Asheville was the result of finding the "right" property. Although many other realtors had access to this listing, only Joe had the "feel" for our tastes and priorities to show it as something that might interest us. Needless to say, he hit the nail of the head. As I'm sure you both remember, the negotiations and pre-closing activities with the __________ and their realtor were excessively complicated and fraught with conflicts. The deal was on the edge of blowing up from start to finish as one seemingly impossible problem or position after another appeared and needed to be resolved. Even when things seemed to be finalized, we ran into that almost-closing circus from hell that brought absurdity to new heights. Without Joe's diligence, firm but diplomatic approach to both sides, and most of all, incredible perseverance, it would never have happened. His services made a difference in our lives, and we are very grateful. We have and will continue to recommend Joe to our friends who wish to investigate relocation to the Western NC region." November 2000

Visalia, CA

"Dear Joe, You must be the most efficient and dedicated realtor in North Carolina. You hung on to my small deal like a bulldog and brought it off-you must be as surprised as I am. I realized from the beginning that the deal would pay such a small commission that sometimes a realtor had rather not bother, but it was important to me" December 2001